3G/4G Users in Pakistan Near 121 Million

The monthly data of PTA shows that the number of cellular subscribers in Pakistan increased by 0.04 million to 193.55 million by end of November compared to 193.51 million by end of October 2022.

The teledensity for cellular mobile decreased from 87.62 percent by end-October 2022 to 86.7 percent by end-November. The total teledensity decreased from 88.81 percent by end-October to 87.9 percent by end-November.

The Monthly Next Generation Mobile Service (NGMS) penetration decreased from 54.6 percent by end-October to 54.15 percent by end-November. Jazz’s total count for 3G users declined from 5.225 million by end-October to 5.054 million by end-November registering a decrease of 0.171 million.

Jazz 4G users jumped from 40.677 million by end-October to 40.858 million by end-November.

Zong 3G subscribers decreased from 2.855 million by end-October to 2.781 million by end-November, while the number of 4G users increased from 30.823 million by end-October 2022 to 31.032 million by end-November.

Telenor 3G subscribers decreased from 3.158 million by end-October to 3.102 million by end-November while the number of 4G users of Telenor increased from 22.450 million by end-October to 22.484 million by end-November.

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